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Have You Eaten or Made Turducken?
November 27, 2008

Hey Everybody–

Paula Deen was making a TURDUCKEN the other day on her Home Cooking show, and I thought it was the most bizarre looking thing on the planet!  How did someone invent a chicken, stuffed inside a duck, inside a turkey!?

Apparently, some people say chef Paul Prudhomme invented this monster meat…but nobody can really be sure.  One thing is sure…

I’ve been so kindly invited to Justin Robinson’s Mom’s house for Thanksgiving this year.  (My family is in New England, and since I’m working, I won’t be able to see them this year.) On the menu…a smorgasboard of Thanksgiving treats.

No turducken there.

Happy Holidays everybody!

Dion 🙂

Give Free Restaurant Gift Certificates!
November 26, 2008

Like Alice In Wonderland...I Say... "GIVE ME!"

Like Alice In Wonderland...I Say... "GIVE ME!"







Awhile ago, I blogged about , the site where you can buy 10-dollar gift certificates to restaurants for 2-bucks. 


With Christmas just a few weeks away, it gets better. 


The site is now GIVING AWAY 10-dollar gift certificates!


Here’s how it works….every day until Christmas, you can log on, and GIVE 3 certificates a day to people you know, people you love, anybody! (A skeptical me, tried it out this morning, and sent one to my home email…and it works!)


The CEO of the company says it’s just a way to brighten someone’s day and spread goodwill to folks during this economic downturn.  I’d say so!


My belief, is free things are wonderful—but when it’s something like this—giving free things to others, it’s even better. 






PS:  I’ve been giving away some of my printable coupons to unsuspecting folks at the store, and it makes me very happy!  One woman seemed scared this small person was rapidly approaching her with a coupon…then when she realized there were no strings attached, I wasn’t trying to sell her something, she smiled and seemed very grateful!

What Dion Can Get For $1.70!
November 23, 2008

I should frame this.

I should frame this.

I shouldn’t be blogging on my day off…let alone a day when I have family in from Boston…but I CAN’T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT! After doing TWO Coupon Mom stories, I think I’ve got this down.  Here’s what I got for about $1.80.

– One can organic tomato paste. Originally $1.19 – $1.00 coupon = 19-cents!

– One large bag Tyson chicken patties (10 patties) Originally $4.99 – $3.00 manufacturer’s coupon – $1.00 Target coupon = 99-cents!

– One package Goody elastic bands. Originally $2.19- $2.00 printable coupon = 19-cents!

– One can Progresso chicken noodle soup. Originally $1.60, on sale $1.49 – $1.10 coupon = 39-cents!

After I got the chicken, I went home, dazed and amazed, and printed out more coupons and did another super saving trip!  I’m telling you, this is addicting. I must confess, I saw others buying the chicken, and secretly thought to myself “IF ONLY YOU HAD THIS COUPON!!!”

Fair is fair, and I had extra coupons for the hair elastics, and since those are unlimited prints, I gave one woman a coupon, and she and her little son seemed very thrilled.  “Say thank you to the nice lady!” I also gave away my RedBox code to the folks in line at the McDonalds.  I think they were slightly dazed and amazed too…it’s a good feeling.

Okay, it’s time for football. Football, errands and relaxing.  See you all soon!

Dion 😉

Free Dr. Pepper Because of Guns n’ Roses + The Shady Sandwich
November 21, 2008


A special “hello” to my new Dion’s Daily Deal reader, Casey, who found my blog, all the way in sunny Florida— Wish I were on the beach right now! (This was me this morning at the desk: “good morning everybody!  Taking a look outside at our Kansas City Scout Camera…a chilly 12 degrees outside!”)

Here at KMBC, the Dr. Peppers are $1.25...not bad.  But FREE is better.

Here at KMBC, the Dr. Peppers are $1.25...not bad. But FREE is better.


Abbie, one of my lovely producers and friends, (who, by the way is pregnant with her first baby…hooray!) sent me this freebie tip.


Sunday: go to the Dr. Pepper website, and you can get a free 20-ounce soda!  Apparently the band Guns n’ Roses, promised their fans a free soda if their new album would be ready for release by 2008.  (*mind you, this is an album start was started in 1994, so they’ve had some time to work on it!) You can redeem the soda anytime before February 28th.


As you can see...I ate it all...

As you can see...I ate it all...

Does this ever happen to you—by Friday, or the end of your workweek, you’re out of food supplies, and are forced to eat whatever’s left in the fridge?


Today, my lunch (which I try to eat as soon as the show is over, since I’m ravenous…so you can sometimes see me eating salmon, or pizza at 9:15 in the morning!) consisted of a soggy kiwi and a granola bar. If you know me…this wasn’t going to cut it.  I shuffled through the food vending machine, and found the only item that seemed somewhat good for me.  The “lowfat chicken sandwich”. (This seemed to be a better option than the “Big Bubba Blast Burger”.)


The package said my chicken sandwich was $2.00, but the vending machine only required $1.75.  Here I am, scrounging for some loose change in my desk drawer, and when I come up with the funds, excitedly vend my hermetically-sealed chicken sandwich.


Soon, I realize, the “sell by” date on the package was two days ago.  In my ravenous hunger, I nuke the ‘wich and gobble it down with zeal. (Wow, I should not be a novel writer…I just made myself seem like a wolf…or some BEAST.)


I don’t know if that’s why the sandwich was 25-cents less…or if there’s anything wrong with eating something past it’s “sell-by” date.  One of my photographers thinks it’s perfectly fine…we used to eat food past it’s sell-by date all the time growing up…my stomach feels okay…I think…we’ll wait and see!


Hey, have a great weekend everybody—I’m going to head out a little early, since I was at work late yesterday, putting the final touches on my Coupon Mom 2 story.


Dion J



Speaking of…Our Coupon Mom is, as they’d say in the urban-slang term… “blowin’ up”! Since our first story on her aired…and the follow-up on how she uses coupons to save over 50% at the grocery store, she’s been doing radio station interviews, interviews with us…and most recently a station in Topeka! We joke that she’ll soon be too famous to be KMBC-9’s Coupon Mom, and she’ll have to have a publicist handle all her engagements!




Exclusive Free DVD Rental For YOU!
November 18, 2008

Only in Japan...Cards, Film and Treats.  All-In-One!

Only in Japan...Cards, Film and Treats. All-In-One!


Vending machines vend pretty much anything these days.  In fact, at the Macy’s in Town Center Plaza, I saw a vending machine vend Apple iPods.  (I like touching and testing electronics before I buy, so maybe this isn’t for me.)  In Japan, they vend everything from cigarettes, to beer, to underwear!  I even read there’s one vending machine for ever 23 people!


A couple weekends ago– I was given a coupon code to use the RedBox DVD vending machine.  So, I hit the Price Chopper, in search of ice cream (with a coupon, a-la my Coupon Mom) and a DVD. The line was pretty long, so I trotted over to the McDonalds in the same parking lot.  (This is sounding very healthy already, ice cream…McDonalds.  Hey, I have no problem admitting my love for the occasional Happy Meal.  It’s been one of my top fast-food meals of choice since the tender age of 3.  But I digress. )


Using my coupon code, I rented George Clooney for 24 glorious hours.  When I returned the next day to pop my disc back into the machine, my brain cogs started churning.  This was a great idea! No rental membership fees…no waiting for my mail-away DVDs to arrive…free code.  FREE CODE…


Of course I couldn’t just get this free DVD rental, and not offer it to my FirstNews viewers!  So, Dion’s Daily Deal has teamed up with RedBox to give you a free movie night!




Valid: 11/19/08 (Wednesday) to 11/21/08 (Friday)




You can only use the code once per account and it’s EXCLUSIVE to the KC Metro. (Oo La-La!) Sit back.  Enjoy your bowl of popcorn (or be like me, a Hamburger Happy Meal) and see you next time!




Dion J   

PS:  Love it– a coupon code, named after ME! Hehehe…

No iPods...Just DVDs Folks!

No iPods...Just DVDs Folks!